Benefits of maths at early ages


For many years math skills have been one of the greatest thing that many parents expect their children to master as they grow up. Some the main subjects that have been seen to be of great importance to our lives has been arithmetic, writing and reading . While teaching your child on how to read and write you should not forget to teach him/her some math skills as they are real crucial than you may expect.As the internet marketing and seo trends are improved in time, the importance of maths and coding will increase more.
Some math experts have proved that mastering math skills in the early ages not only do they predict our future achievement in math but also the future reading achievement that our children could have achieved. The research from these experts also shows that children who learn the math basics at their early ages can be good achievers in all academic and life performances. You cannot learn advanced math skills if you never learnt any basic skills when you were young.

Math can be taught even in the early infancy than many parents think. For example, research from experts show that infants as from 7 up to 15 months of age can recognize some small groups of numbers without counting them. If you look at the various sources provides by many researchers you will find out that there are many benefits of learning mathematics at the early ages. Below are some of them that you can expect.

Teaches critical and logical thinking

Mathematics teaches our children order and logic. Take an example when you are solving a mathematical problem you normally expect to have some predictable outcome, in other words precise some specific steps have been followed, so one to get the required result. When in a math class child develop a discipline of the mind that they cannot forget in entire life. Many employers know this, and in many cases, they will hire math scholars bearing in mind that they have learned how to think. Also, math in the early ages provides a path through which critical thinking skills are refined and put into use. An example is when students are asked to explain how they solved a complex problem.

Mathematics Teaches life skills

If you do not learn basic math skills in your early ages, you may find it difficult to live in this independent life. Children start to learn how to count money in the early ages and as they grow they continue to learn how to calculate fractions and percentages. These early skills are very important when you grow as they will assist you to: manage your income or salary that you receive, manage your family, follow a recipe and evaluate whether a certain item is good or bad

Acts as a Supports to continuing careers

Every job in this world however small it may be, even if it may not be directly related to math, it requires math skills. Students who have skills in math and wish to have a higher degree in engineering, research and medicine will be in a better position of pursuing that profession. Even if you are interested in other careers, it is mandatory that you have some basic skills to graduate with any bachelor’s degree.Students who are poor in maths tend to lose many chances of securing further education.

It is necessary for parents to encourage their children by providing mathematical concepts such as educational toys and letting them engage in activities that promote math skills that assist in building the welfare of their children
Finally, early math learning is very crucial like learning literacy as it can improve the children’s writing and reading skills. From the research given out by experts is that children who start learning mathematical skills when they are young will be able to perform better in math when they are in high school and university level.

Therefore it is the responsibility of math teachers to work hard to the best of their knowledge in providing the best skills, and they must tell the children the motive behind success in math. They also not forget to demonstrate to the children relevance of math skills in the daily lives and the application in future careers You should not forget that providing an opportunity for your child to learn math is the greatest thing you can do for his/her success in the future life.

How to have good relationship with your grandchildren when growing old

Grandparents and grandchildren are doing a wider range of activities than we did with our grandparents. For example  camping, walking, fishing, gardening and building tree house  and boat docks etc. We are at a time in history when people are not only living longer but staying healthier and more active longer. Grandparents no longer have just to be that person that just baby sits grandchildren.

Grandparents share their likes and dislike just like the parents and grandchildren do. They are always passionate about passing on traditions and sharing the history of their family. They are an important resource for both parents and children. They may find themselves caught in between parents and children. Grandparents are famous for over giving to their grandchildren, and most parents often feel threatened by this.

The importance of grandparents to their grandchildren is great because it is a known fact that children need a relationship with their grandparents as they are growing old. Grandparents help out when parents work long hours to make the budget.They take on the parental responsibility for both the work week and when parents need a place for their children to stay a while. They are typically helpful during times of family disaster, such as sickness or death. Grandparents can serve as parent figures and provide a positive environment and a suitable family structure.
To have a healthy relationship with their grandchildren grandparents should:



Provide support for children in vulnerable families situations and let them know they have a safe place to come to if need be. Help your grandchildren manage their hectic lives and help them meet their scheduled school events Alleviate some of the parenting burdens so your grandchildren and their parents can have more family time because if they all are happy they will have a healthier relationship and enjoyable time with you and everyone around them.

Give them your time and not just your money. I guess it’s normal for our grandchildren to look to us for financial help but they don’t need to feel like that’s all we’re good for. Make it a point to have time with each one of your grandchildren individually, that way you can communicate with them on a one on one basic and know if everything is OK in their lives.

Help you grandchildren out when financial situations arise that their parents can’t handle (such as they school trip they will not be able to go on if you don’t help. Always stay young at heart and keep an open mind to the things you will try with your grandchildren because these things will remain with them for the rest of their lives and they will someday share them with their children

Grandparents are not only young at heart, but in a lot of instances, we are chronologically young as well. They can do a lot to reassure their grandchildren that their mixed feelings about family and life are normal. Grandparents know the various levels of possible legal relationships with their grandchildren. Most grandparents know their limitations and how to help their grandchildren without offending their parents.

Grandparents as they are growing old enjoying all kinds of activities with their grandchildren. Grandchildren are demanding that grandparents do more with them because they enjoy doing things with their grandparents. Grandchildren have a new kind of relationship with their grandparents now. They no longer say granny I know you are tired, they now say come on let’s go play.

Here are a list of activities you can enjoy with your grandchildren:

Go for a bike ride: More parks now have bicycle trails so take advantage of them. If your grandchild isn’t big enough to ride alone, you can buy a seat to add to your bicycle.
Go to the beach: Going to the beach is always fun and can be a whole lot of fun with very little cost
Hiking in the woods: Going for a hike can be a fun adventure. You can collect leaves, watch birds and butterflies
Packing a lunch and going to the park: Have a nice lunch, play ball with the dog or read to your grandchildren
Go camping: What kid doesn’t like to go camping. Put up a tent, build a fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows
Go roller skating: Ten years ago I wouldn’t have suggested this, but I feel better and am in better heath due to staying active. So be careful and give it a try.